Bug ID 1024417: Source Address shows incorrectly and Destination Address will show incorrectly in error

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2021

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iApps SSLO(all modules)

Opened: Jun 09, 2021
Severity: 3-Major


As of 16.1.0, the SSL Orchestrator Guided Configuration allows for changes to deployed objects without the administrator disabling strict-updates. In some, within the Interception Rule of the Guided Configuration, the Source Address will show incorrectly as and Destination Address as %0/0 and the field will show as an error.


Upon returning to the Guided Configuration for the deployed topology, the "Destination Address/Mask" field within the Interception Rule will show the following error. "IP address with must CIDR prefix or optional Route Domain between 0 to 65534 Required." Administrator will be forced to modify the Virtual Server under the Local Traffic menu to return to using host address in place of an address list.


Following the deployment of a topology, if an administrator modifies the associated Virtual Server under Local Traffic so that the source or destination is set to an address list in place of a host. Traffic will continue to pass based upon the addresses contained within the address list used.


To clear the destination field error and from Interception Rule, the admin will need to set host addresses in place of address lists within the Virtual Server under Local Traffic. Once address lists have been replaced by host addresses within the virtual, any subsequent address changes can be made from the SSL Orchestrator Guided Configuration.

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