Bug ID 1033541: In some cases on Chrome and Edge browser, HTMLOptionsCollection length not incremented while adding Options node

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2021

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BIG-IP APM(all modules)

Opened: Jul 14, 2021
Severity: 4-Minor


When Web application dynamically creates options node and updates the HTMLOptionsCollection at same time then length of HTMLOptionsCollection does not get incremented in some rare case on Chrome/Edge browser. This will cause options(drop down list etc) not visible on web page.


Options(drop down list etc) not visible on web page.


- Creation of Options node and adding it to HTMLOptionsCollection at same time - Chrome or Edge browser


There are two work arounds: 1- Use Firefox browser 2- Custom iRule work around to re-define F5_Inflate_index(). Sample iRule: when REWRITE_REQUEST_DONE { if { [HTTP::path] ends_with "<webpage-Path>" } { # log "URI=([HTTP::path])" # Found the file to modify REWRITE::post_process 1 set flag 1 } } when REWRITE_RESPONSE_DONE { if {[info exists flag]} { unset flag set strt [string first {<script>try} [REWRITE::payload]] if {$strt > 0} { REWRITE::payload replace $strt 0 { <script> function F5_Inflate_index(o, s, incr, v) { return (o[s] = incr ? o[s] + v : v); } </script> } } } }

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