Bug ID 1072209: Packets are dropped on VELOS when a masquerade MAC is on a shared VLAN

Last Modified: Sep 14, 2022

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F5OS Velos(all modules)

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Opened: Jan 10, 2022
Severity: 2-Critical


On the VELOS platform, any packets destined to a masquerade MAC address are dropped when the masquerade MAC is located on a shared VLAN (a VLAN shared between multiple F5OS tenants). On rSeries hardware platforms, all traffic for this MAC is first handled by the software-rebroadcaster and is replicated to all tenants sharing that VLAN.


Connectivity issues.


-- A masquerade MAC is configured on a shared VLAN. -- Traffic to the MAC address is initiated, that is, ping a floating self-IP. -- The packets are dropped on ingress.


Configure a static FDB entry at the partition level.

Fix Information

Packets are no longer dropped when a masquerade MAC is on a shared VLAN.

Behavior Change