Bug ID 1106881: F5OS with an AFM license provisioned may provide incorrect AFM stats to a BIG-IP tenant

Last Modified: Sep 09, 2022

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F5OS Velos(all modules)

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Opened: May 16, 2022
Severity: 3-Major


This is an intermittent problem where the affected BIG-IP tenant may receive incorrect statistics from the F5OS platform. This can cause the BIG-IP tenant to drop DNS traffic that should not be dropped. Typically, the BIG-IP tenant will have periods of time where it receives the correct stats, and periods where it receives incorrect stats.


Clients that send DNS traffic to the affected BIG-IP tenant will not receive DNS responses when they should.


All of the below must be true: -- Two or more BIG-IP tenants are deployed either on the same node in a partition or on the same appliance. -- An AFM license is installed on the F5OS platform. -- At least one tenant is receiving malformed DNS traffic.


When AFM is provisioned for the system, deploying tenants on different nodes on a chassis based system or one tenant per appliance avoids the issue.

Fix Information

BIG-IP tenants receive the correct platform statistics regardless of the node in which they are deployed.

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