Bug ID 1231889: Mismatched VLAN names (or VLANs in non-Common partitions) do not work properly in BIG-IP tenants running on r2000 / r4000-series appliances

Last Modified: Jun 17, 2024

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP All, F5OS, F5OS-A(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:
15.1.10,,,, 17.1.1,,,, F5OS-A 1.3.1, F5OS-A 1.3.2, F5OS-A 1.5.0, F5OS-A 1.5.1, F5OS-A 1.5.2, F5OS-A 1.7.0

Opened: Jan 30, 2023

Severity: 3-Major


When a VLAN configured in the tenant does not have the same name as the VLAN on in F5OS, or the VLAN in the tenant is created in a partition other than "Common", the VLAN may not pass traffic properly. For tenants running on an r2000 or r4000-series appliance, the tenant needs to know the VLAN<>interface mapping, but the system is not able to populate this information when the VLAN is not in the Common partition. The system may have log messages similar to the following: Feb 15 15:39:49 r4000-1.example.com err mcpd[19522]: 01070094:3: Referenced vlan (/Common/external) is hidden, does not exist, or is already on another instance. Feb 15 15:39:49 r4000-1.example.com err chmand[19520]: 012a0003:3: hal_mcp_process_error: result_code=0x1070094 for result_operation=eom result_type=eom


Partitions other than the common partition cannot have VLANs. VLANs created in other partitions will not be operational in the data path.


- r2000 and r4000-series platforms - BIG-IP tenant - VLANs moved to partitions other than "Common", or renamed so that the name does not match between hypervisor and tenant.


Workaround is to create the VLAN-member for the default VLANs pushed from platform post moving a VLAN from common to another partition.

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