Bug ID 1273021: ISOs imported with regex special characters in their names are getting deleted

Last Modified: Feb 08, 2024

Affected Product(s):
F5OS Install/Upgrade(all modules)

Fixed In:
F5OS-A 1.7.0, F5OS-A 1.5.0

Opened: Mar 17, 2023

Severity: 2-Critical


Downgrade/upgrade issues are seen when upgraded ISO has special characters in the file name If an F5OS-A ISO with a filename containing 'special characters' ('+ , * , ? , ^ , $ , ( , ) , [ , ] , { , } , | , \') is imported, and the system is downgraded/upgraded to that version, it can result in the upgrade failing and the ISO being automatically removed.


An upgrade to a version of software marked as successfully imported can fail unexpectedly, requiring manual intervention to recover the system. Docker container services will not come up.


1. Download and import an ISO with a 'special character' in its name, example 'F5OS-A-1.5.0-*.iso'. 2. Attempt an upgrade to the imported ISO version. 3. Upgrade will fail.


1. Before performing a platform software upgrade, compare versions referenced by the "show system image" ConfD CLI command with the names of files present in the "/var/import/staging” directory. If the iso is not present in /var/import/staging but it is shown in "show system image" command output, then import again to "/var/import/staging”. 2. If there is any iso file with a name containing a special character present in "/var/import/staging” remove that version of platform software and re-import it by re-downloading the file with a name that does not include special characters. You may then attempt upgrade. 3.In-order to remove that iso file with a name containing a special characters use below command. appliance-1(config)# system image remove iso <iso version> 4.In scenarios where above command fails or not possible to use above command please follow below procedure to delete the image. * login to the device using root. * chattr -i "/var/import/staging/<iso with special characters>” * rm -rf "/var/import/staging/<iso with special characters>” Incase downgrade or upgrade failure is already happened, because this issue, follow these steps to recover the system: 1.Download another copy of the ISO with a proper name to /var/import/staging. 2.Wait for five minutes for it to import. if confd is unavailable, you can check the logs in /var/log/sw-mgmt.debug for import status. 3.Once the import is complete, reboot the system. This should recover the system.

Fix Information

Import of ISO with special characters is blocked.

Behavior Change

Guides & references

K10134038: F5 Bug Tracker Filter Names and Tips