Bug ID 516575: SSL Licensing Update - SSL Profile & SSL TPS Rates

Last Modified: Oct 06, 2020

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BIG-IP Install/Upgrade, TMOS(all modules)

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Opened: Apr 06, 2015
Severity: 2-Critical


The client and server SSL profiles will not be available. In TMSH, the following two commands will return an empty result. tmsh list ltm profile client-ssl tmsh list ltm profile server-ssl The problem also manifests itself on configuration load, with an error similar to the following. [root@MKT-EXT-APM:ModuleNotLicensed:Active:Standalone] config # tmsh load sys config Loading system configuration... /defaults/asm_base.conf /defaults/config_base.conf /defaults/low_profile_base.conf /defaults/policy_base.conf /defaults/wam_base.conf /defaults/analytics_base.conf /defaults/apm_saml_base.conf /defaults/app_template_base.conf /defaults/classification_base.conf /defaults/daemon.conf /defaults/fullarmor_gpo_base.conf /defaults/profile_base.conf /defaults/sandbox_base.conf /defaults/security_base.conf /usr/share/monitors/base_monitors.conf Loading configuration... /config/bigip_base.conf /config/bigip_user.conf /config/bigip.conf /config/bigip_script.conf 01070356:3: SSL feature not licensed. Unexpected Error: Loading configuration process failed. [root@MKT-EXT-APM:ModuleNotLicensed:Active:Standalone]


BIG-IP configuration file will not load, or when it does load the SSL TPS rates will be incorrect (lower than platform specification).


This occurs when upgrading to 11.4.0 through 11.5.3, on the following platforms: VE 800 2000/2200 4000/4200 5000/5050/5200/5250 7000/7050/7055/7200/7250/7255 10000/10050/10055/10200/10250/10255 12250 C2000 C2400 C4400 C4480 C4800


Reactivation of an existing base registration key will yield updated SSL license values.

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