Bug ID 530768: IE send requests to CSS imports when accessing responseXML of XMLHttpRequest

Last Modified: Sep 13, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP APM(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:
11.5.1, 11.5.2, 11.5.3, 11.5.4, 11.5.5, 11.5.6, 11.5.7, 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10, 12.0.0, 12.0.0 HF1, 12.1.0 HF1, 12.0.0 HF2, 12.1.0 HF2, 12.0.0 HF3, 12.0.0 HF4, 12.1.1 HF1, 12.1.1 HF2, 12.1.2 HF1, 12.1.2 HF2

Opened: Jun 30, 2015

Severity: 4-Minor


Unmangled request to a CSS file could be sent when accessing application through Portal Access. If the XML or XHTML document loaded with XMLHttpRequest contains any css style tags @import at-rules or <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" ...?> declaration, Internet Explorer starting from v10 will try to load this file. In Portal Access we are doing rewriting of AJAX responses in browser Javascript code on demand, therefore CSS url in responseXML will be unmangled.


Cosmetic; browser could send unexpected unpatched requests. Failure of this request has no impact on the functionality of application.


Document requested with XMLHttpRequest satisfies to following conditions: - content-type of response is xml or xhtml - response contains <style> tag with @import declarations - alternatively, response could contain <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" src="..." ?> declaration - Application tries to access responseXML as a DOM tree



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