Bug ID 650450: After upgrade to v13.0.0, users may be met with a javascript error on the logon page or other APM pages

Last Modified: Jul 12, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP APM(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:

Fixed In:
13.1.0, 13.0.0 HF1

Opened: Mar 11, 2017

Severity: 2-Critical

Related Article: K91200585


BIG-IP APM v13.0.0 has modified javascript to better handle more flexible session timeout parameters. This necessitated a modification in the timeout code in APM. Unfortunately, that means that after upgrade, your users may receive a script error: 'APMSessionTimeout is undefined' when using the F5 Edge Client, or when using a browser that has the old code cached.


Users receive confusing script errors in Edge Client or their web browser.


Upgrade to BIG-IP APM v13.0.0 with a login page or other Policy Item that presents a GUI to end users connecting using the F5 Edge Client or a browser with the previous version's timeout javascript code cached.


Use one of the following workarounds. Note: If possible, use the first one. Only perform the manual workaround if the first one is not possible. -- Check the Knowledgebase Article (https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K91200585) to determine available fix versions, and then contact F5 Networks Technical Support to obtain any available Engineering Hotfix or version Hotfix to address this issue. -- Perform this manual workaround: First, locate the items such as Logon Page and add a '?13' after the include for session_check.js. For example, the following steps: 1. Logon to the GUI as Admin. 2. Click Profiles/Policies :: Customization :: Advanced. 3. Navigate to your Access Policy. 4. Navigate to Access Policy, then to the page that has the issue, such as Logon Page. Note: The page is "logon.inc" for a logon page. 5. Locate the following line: <script language="JavaScript" src="/public/include/js/session_check.js" ></script>. 6. Insert ?13 after session_check.js in the script language line, for example: <script language="JavaScript" src="/public/include/js/session_check.js?13" ></script>. 7. Click Save Draft. 8. Click Save. Note: Using the specific text "13" in "?13" isn't critical; it just must be some text.

Fix Information

End users with Edge Client or other browser no longer receive javascript errors.

Behavior Change

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