Bug ID 663606: Pool license cannot be assigned after upgrade to BIG-IQ version 5.2

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2021

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Affected Product:  See more info
BIG-IQ Device User Interface(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:
5.2.0, 5.3.0, 5.4.0, 5.4.0 HF1, 5.4.0 HF2

Opened: May 08, 2017
Severity: 2-Critical


Assigning a pool license (purchased pool, volume license, utility license) after upgrading to BIG-IQ version 5.2 fails with a message similar to: "last block incomplete in decryption".


License cannot be used.


This occurs if the license was activated prior to the 5.2 upgrade.


Note, steps 4 and 5 can be skipped if running BIG-IQ 5.3 or later. 1. Take a backup of the BIG-IQ 2. Login to the BIG-IQ via ssh 3. cd /var/config/rest/tokuupgrade/encryption 4. cp platformEncryption.js platformEncryption.js.bak 5. Modify platformEncryption.js, updating 5 lines. Replace the quoted portion of each: Line: cursor = findDocuments("cm:shared:licensing:pools:licensepoolworkerstate"); change to: cm:device:licensing:pool:purchased-pool:licenses:licensepoolworkerstate Line: cursor = findDocuments("cm:system:licensing:utility-licenses:utilitylicensestate"); change to: cm:device:licensing:pool:utility:licenses:utilitylicensestate Line: cursor = findDocuments("cm:system:licensing:pool:volume:licenses:licensestate"); change to: cm:device:licensing:pool:volume:licenses:licensestate Line: cursor = findDocuments("cm:system:licensing:pool:websafe:licenses:websafelicensestate"); change to: cm:device:licensing:pool:websafe:licenses:websafelicensestate Line: cursor = findDocuments("cm:system:licensing:pool:initial-activation:initialactivationworkeritemstate"); change to: cm:device:licensing:pool:initial-activation:initialactivationworkeritemstate 6. /bin/sh /var/config/rest/tokuupgrade/encryption/run_encryption_upgrade.sh 7. bigstart restart restjavad

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