Bug ID 693030: Cannot SSH in with password after deploying Azure VE

Last Modified: Jul 12, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP MA-VE(all modules)

Fixed In:

Opened: Nov 06, 2017

Severity: 3-Major


Password provided by user and accepted by Azure might be rejected by the BIG-IP. This results in the inability to immediately SSH-in with a password after successfully deploying Azure Virtual Edition (VE). This occurs because BIG-IP system applies its own password check for the password provided in the Azure user interface, such as Portal, ARM template, etc. The result is that Azure VE administrators cannot SSH-in immediately after deployment has succeeded. They must wait for 1-2 minutes, or no longer than 5 minutes, to let VE set the BIG-IP password after deployment. Weak passwords will be accepted, but you will be warned after SSH login that you need to change to use stronger passwords for both 'admin' and provided users as soon as possible. The message appears similar to the following: Warning: Password is too weak. Please set a stronger one for 'admin' and 'tester' users ASAP. Note: This is true only for password-based authentication. There is no impact on key-based authentication. VE Administrators can still SSH-in immediately after deployment has succeeded.


There is no significant impact on interactive SSH into Azure VE, while automated deployments have no logic to retry or delay SSH-in attempts until the password is set.


Azure VE with password-based authentication.


Wait 1-2 minutes (no longer than 5 minutes) after successful deployment to let VE set the BIG-IP password.

Fix Information

Behavior changes after applying a BIG-IP password check.

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