Bug ID 737550: State Mirroring between BIG-IP 13.0.x and 13.1.x systems may cause TMM core on standby system during upgrade

Last Modified: Jul 12, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP All, Install/Upgrade(all modules)

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Opened: Jul 19, 2018

Severity: 2-Critical


BIG-IP devices running 13.0.x (13.0.x or a 13.0.x point release) and 13.1.x software versions in a High-Availability (HA) configuration with state mirroring enabled may cause a standby system to produce a TMM core file.


TMM may crash on a standby system during upgrade. This issue should not disrupt traffic, because the TMM is coring only on the standby unit.


-- State mirroring configured on two or more BIG-IP systems (state mirroring is enabled by default). -- For VIPRION clusters or VIPRION-based vCMP guests, the systems are configured to mirror 'Between Clusters'. -- The active system is running v13.0.x, and the standby system is running v13.1.x, e.g., as a result of an in-progress upgrade.


To workaround this issue, disable State Mirroring prior to upgrading, and re-enable it once both devices are running v13.1.x, or complete the upgrade of both devices to v13.1.x. 1. You can disable mirroring using either the GUI or the command line. 1a. In the GUI: -- Set the Primary and Secondary Local Mirror Address configurations to 'None' under Device Management :: Devices :: [Self] device :: Mirroring Configuration. 1b. From the command-line: -- Run the following command: tmsh modify cm device <name-of-self-device> mirror-ip any6 mirror-secondary-ip any6 && tmsh save sys config Important: This action results in connection state loss on failover. 2. Once all devices are running the same software version, re-enable state mirroring by re-adding the device mirror IPs removed previously. Note: F5 recommends that BIG-IP systems run with the same software version on all devices.

Fix Information

TMM on standby no longer cores during upgrade.

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