Bug ID 740145: Data only updates every hour

Last Modified: Nov 07, 2022

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BIG-IQ AppIQ(all modules)

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Opened: Aug 13, 2018
Severity: 2-Critical


Changes to the data retention policy may result in data that only refreshes over hour-long intervals. This can temporarily impact the displayed data in tables and charts until the next refresh period.


Data does not display as expected in the tables and charts.


Modifications to the default retention of analytics data.


1) Read tl0 setting and save into file # curl -s -X GET http://localhost:8898/mgmt/ap/v1/platform-config/resources/ap:es:time_based_index/es-index-statistics-tl0 > /var/tmp/es-index-statistics-tl0 2) Edit file /var/tmp/1-4636689411_es-index-statistics-tl0 and change "index.refresh_interval":"-1" to "index.refresh_interval":"15s" 3) Upload the fixed tl0 setting # curl -s -X PATCH -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:8898/mgmt/ap/v1/platform-config/resources/ap:es:time_based_index/es-index-statistics-tl0 --upload-file /var/tmp/es-index-statistics-tl0 4) Validate that tl0 value is 15s # curl -s -X GET http://localhost:9200/_template/statistics_tl0_ | jq . | grep refresh_interval "refresh_interval": "15s", <---- should now show "15s" instead of "-1"

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