Bug ID 751636: Downgrading from v14.1.0 to a previous release leaves two directories with improper ownership

Last Modified: Oct 17, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP Install/Upgrade, TMOS(all modules)

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Opened: Nov 30, 2018

Severity: 4-Minor


Downgrading from BIG-IP version 14.1.0 to an earlier version, the group ID of /var/lock and /var/spool/mail are incorrect. This can be encountered after you boot into the earlier-versioned software image. /var/log/liveinstall.log contains the following messages: -- info: RPM: filesystem-2.4.30-3.el6.0.0.10.i686 -- info: RPM: warning: group lock does not exist - using root -- info: RPM: warning: group mail does not exist - using root When running the following command: config # rpm -V filesystem ......G.. /var/lock ......G.. /var/spool/mail The expected results are as follows: config # rpm -V filesystem config # stat -c %G /var/lock lock config # stat -c %G /var/spool/mail mail In this version, the results are as follows: config # rpm -V filesystem config # stat -c %G /var/lock root config # stat -c %G /var/spool/mail root


There is no known impact to the system if this occurs; however, running rpm -V will report these two discrepancies. This occurs because rpm versions 4.8 and earlier have built-in recognition of exactly three group names; 'root', 'mail', and 'lock'. In v4.8, these special names appear in <src>/lib/misc.c:gnameToGid. To use the group names 'mail' and 'lock' as intended, all BIG-IP releases earlier than BIG-IP v14.1.0 rely on this special feature of rpm. BIG-IP v14.1.0 moved to rpm version 4.11, in which the function no longer exists.


-- BIG-IP version 14.1.0 is running. -- An earlier software version is installed. -- The system is then booted into that earlier version.


Using a shell command, correct the group ID of the two directories that are incorrect using the following two commands: config # chgrp lock /var/lock config # chgrp mail /var/spool/mail

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