Bug ID 760468: Route domains cause diskmonitor errors in logs

Last Modified: Jul 12, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP TMOS(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:
14.1.0,,,,,, 14.1.2,

Fixed In:

Opened: Mar 05, 2019

Severity: 3-Major


Configuring a non-default route-domain results in frequent diskmonitor error in the LTM log file: warning diskmonitor[14972]: 011d0002:4: Skipping net:[4026532306]. Stat returned message: /usr/bin/stat: cannot read file system information for net:[4026532306]: No such file or directory.


There is no functional impact. The message logged does not indicate functional issues. However, the issue might occur frequently, which can be erroneously concerning.


-- BIG-IP system running v14.1.x. -- Non-default route-domain configured.


This issue can be worked around with two methods. The first is by creating a syslog-ng filter. 1. Log in to the TMOS shell (tmsh) by typing the following command: ----- tmsh ----- 2. To edit syslog, type the following command: ----- edit /sys syslog ----- 3. When syslog configuration opens in the vi text editor, copy and paste the entire entries below: ============ CUT BELOW ============== modify syslog { include " # Workaround for ID760468 to remove diskmonitor messages filter f_no_audit { not message(\"AUDIT|diskmonitor.*Skipping net:\"); };" } ============ CUT ABOVE ============== 4. Exit the text editor by typing the following key sequence: ----- :wq! ----- 5a. At the following prompt, type y to save the changes to the file: Save changes? (y/n/e) The tmsh utility prompt returns. 5b. If the syslog filter contains syntax errors, the tmsh utility returns the following prompt: There were errors. Continue editing (y) or discard changes (n) (y/n) Correct the errors until there are no more errors flagged. 6. Save the configuration by typing the following command: ----- save /sys config ----- The second is by modifying the diskmonitor script as follows. Note: This change does not replicate between blades, does not ConfigSync, is not preserved as part of a UCS archive, and is not preserved across software installs on a system. 1. Mount /usr as rw (read-write). 2. Open /usr/bin/diskmonitor in an editor, locate the line that references '/shared/em', and add this immediately above it: || substr($mountline[1], 0, 4) eq 'net:' 3. Mount /usr as ro (read-only). Here is a one-line command string you can use: mount /usr -o remount,rw && if [ ! -f /usr/bin/diskmonitor.id760468 ]; then /bin/cp /usr/bin/diskmonitor{,.id760468}; fi && sed -ie "/^.*shared\/em.*\$/i\ || substr(\$mountline[1], 0, 4) eq 'net:'" /usr/bin/diskmonitor && (perl -c /usr/bin/diskmonitor || echo "WARNING: DISKMONITOR SCRIPT IS NO LONGER VALID PERL") && mount /usr -o remount,ro

Fix Information

Configuring a non-default route-domain no longer results in diskmonitor errors in the LTM log.

Behavior Change

Guides & references

K10134038: F5 Bug Tracker Filter Names and Tips