Bug ID 762097: BIG-IP v14.1.0.2, No swap memory available after upgrading to v14.1.0.2

Last Modified: Jan 06, 2020

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BIG-IP Install/Upgrade(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:
14.0.0,,,,,, 14.0.1,

Opened: Mar 19, 2019
Severity: 3-Major


After upgrading from version v14.0.0.1 to v14.1.0.2, swap memory may not be mounted. TMM or other host processes may restart due to lack of memory.


Unable to upgrade to v14.1.0.2.


System is running BIG-IP version v14.0.0.1, and is installing v14.1.0.2.


Mount the swap volume with correct ID representing the swap device. Perform the following steps on the system after upgrade to v14.1.0.2 and booted into v14.1.0.2: 1. Get the correct ID (RAID device number (/dev/md<number>)): blkid | grep swap Note: If there is no RAID device number, perform the procedure detailed in the following section. 2. Check the block ID representing swap in /etc/fstab. 3. If swap is not represented with the correct ID, modify the /etc/fstab swap entry to point to the correct device. 4. Enable the swap: swapon -a 5. Check swap volume size: swapon -s If there is no UUID associated with the swap RAID device, use the following procedure: 1. Generate a random UUID: uuidgen 2. Make sure swap is turned off: swapoff -a 3. Recreate the swap partition with UUID generated in step 1: mkswap -U <uuid_from_step_1> <raid_device_from_step_1> 4. Run blkid again to make sure that you now have a UUID associated with the raid device: blkid | grep swap 5. edit fstab and find the line <old_value> swap swap defaults 0 0 6. Replace the old value, whether it was an incorrect UUID or a device name, with the UUID generated in step 1: UUID=8b35b30b-1076-42bb-8d3f-02acd494f2c8 swap swap defaults 0 0

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