Bug ID 808297: AVR statistics are lost when performing an upgrade

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2021

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BIG-IP AFM, APM, ASM, AVR, PEM, SWG, vCMP(all modules)

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Opened: Jul 23, 2019
Severity: 3-Major


After performing an upgrade on an offline/standby machine, AVR statistics were gone. This was done on a device-group configuration in this way: 1. sync configuration 2. take UCS backup 3. make the standby unit forced offline. 4. install a new boot location on the standby unit. 5. Switchboot the standby unit from the newly installed location. 6. The standby unit comes online with the new version. 7. Release the standby from offline, becoming standby. 8. Make a failover, now the standby running on the new version becomes active. 9. Force new standby (previously active and on the old version) offline 10. Install the new version on the current standby unit 11. Switchboot the current standby. 12. Release offline the current standby. 13. Now both units are on the new version


AVR statistics are not being backed-up and/or restored when performing an upgrade on a machine.


Using AVR statistics and performing an upgrade on a machine that is not in the state of 'active' and 'online'.


On the 'from' version (i.e., before starting the upgrade process), do the following: $ cp /usr/share/avr/bin/avr_db_backup.sh /shared/avr_db_backup.sh.orig $ cp /usr/share/avr/bin/avr_db_restore.sh /shared/avr_db_restore.sh.orig $ mount -o remount -rw /usr $ sed -i 's/clsh/clsh --color=all/g' /usr/share/avr/bin/avr_db_backup.sh $ sed -i 's/clsh/clsh --color=all/g' /usr/share/avr/bin/avr_db_restore.sh $ mount -o remount -r /usr ** Before proceeding with the upgrade, double check that the only difference between the original files (/shared/avr_db_backup.sh.orig & /shared/avr_db_restore.sh.orig) and the modified versions is 'clsh --color=all'. If this is the only change, you may proceed and start with the upgrade process.

Fix Information

Fixed the scripts that do the backup process.

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