Bug ID 809421: BIG-IQ unable to save layer 2 security service when you select the same source and destination VLAN

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2021

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BIG-IQ SSL Orchestrator(all modules)

Opened: Jul 25, 2019
Severity: 4-Minor


When you create a layer 2 security service in an SSLO topology, you will be unable to save the service if you select the same VLAN under the 'From BIG-IP' and 'To BIG-IP' in the 'Network Configuration' section.


You cannot save the layer 2 service configuration or deploy it to a managed BIG-IP device.


This happens when you select the same VLAN under the section 'Default Properties - Network Configurations' when the VLAN field shows only one VLAN available to add to the security service.


If there is only one VLAN available for the l2 service configuration, do not select the same VLAN under both 'From BIG-IP VLAN' and 'To BIG-IP VLAN.' Log in to the managed BIG-IP device, and fill out the device-specific overrides under the 'Network Configuration' section, and create a new VLAN for the L2 service.

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