Bug ID 818381: IRule command PEM::session create does not work when attribute 3GPP-User-Location-Info is type 130 (TAI+ECGI)

Last Modified: Jul 07, 2020

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BIG-IP PEM(all modules)

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Opened: Aug 28, 2019
Severity: 4-Minor


Attempting to run PEM::session create with a tower-id attribute that begins with hex 0x82 (Type 130 with TAI+ECGI) results in a TCL error and an aborted session creation.


Subscriber session creation fails


RADIUS attribute 3GPP-User-Location-Info contains type TAI+ECGI


Use a subsriber aware RADIUS profile to create subscribers. Alternatively, you can manipulate the 3GPP-User-Location-Info attribute in the iRule to convert it to ECGI. If necessary you can store the TAI portion as session attributes as seen in this iRule snippet: set uli_avp [RADIUS::avp 26 index 0 vendor-id 10415 vendor-type 22] binary scan $uli_avp H2 geographic_location_type if { $geographic_location_type == 82 } { binary scan $uli x1H10@1h3@2H1h2H4H* tai mcc mnc_third_digit mnc tac ecgi set 3gpp_user_location_info 81 append 3gpp_user_location_info $ecgi if { $mnc_third_digit ne "f" } { append mnc $mnc_third_digit } } else { binary scan $uli_avp H* 3gpp_user_location_info }

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