Bug ID 838685: DoS report exist in per-widget but not under individual virtual

Last Modified: Sep 13, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP AVR(all modules)

Fixed In:

Opened: Oct 15, 2019

Severity: 3-Major


'Undefined entity dosl7_vip was used' error message is reported on widgets whenever a 'Virtual Server' filter is selected on the 'Security :: Reporting : DoS : Custom Page' GUI page.


GUI widgets report errors and cannot show stats.


-- Navigate to Security :: Reporting : DoS : Custom Page in the GUI. -- Filter widgets results with specific 'Virtual Server'.


This GUI fix requires modifying a single PHP file in one location, which you can do directly on your BIG-IP system with a few bash commands: 1. Backup the file '/var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php': $ cp /var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php /shared/ 2. Change permissions to allow modifying it: $ chmod +w /var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php 3. Change the file to include the fix: $ sed -i 's/dosl7_vip/vip/g' /var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php $ sed -i "s/ANALYTICS_MOD_DNS_DOS => 'vip'/ANALYTICS_MOD_DNS_DOS => 'dns_vip'/g" /var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php 4. Verify that the fix is as expected: $ vimdiff /var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php /shared/dos_custom_overview_commons.php (** You should see two lines modified: 1. ANALYTICS_MOD_DOSL7 => 'dosl7_vip' to ANALYTICS_MOD_DOSL7 => 'vip'. 2. ANALYTICS_MOD_DNS_DOS => 'vip' to ANALYTICS_MOD_DNS_DOS => 'dns_vip') 5. Revert permissions of the file: $ chmod -w /var/ts/dms/amm/common/ovw/dos_custom_overview_commons.php 6. Log out and log back into the GUI, so that the new version of the file loads.

Fix Information

GUI configuration for the 'Virtual Server' filter is fixed with the correct dimension name.

Behavior Change

Guides & references

K10134038: F5 Bug Tracker Filter Names and Tips