Bug ID 865285: Setting the Zone on the BIG-IQ General Properties page

Last Modified: May 29, 2024

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IQ System User Interface(all modules)

Opened: Dec 27, 2019

Severity: 4-Minor


When you create a new zone on the BIG-IQ General Properties page, the zone name reverts to default.


The new zone setting is not retained and reverts to default.


1. Navigate to System >THIS DEVICE > General Properties, and then click Edit. 2. For Zone, choose, Create New, give zone a new name, and click Update. 3. Click Update again to confirm. 4. Add a message to the Custom Login Message. 5. Click Save & Close.


You can select an existing zone on this page, you just can't create a new one. So if you you need a new zone, you can create it on properties page for one of the DCDs attached to this BIG-IQ. 1. System>>BIG-IQ DATA COLLECTION>>BIG-IQ Data Collection Devices, then select a DCD. 2. On the PROPERTIES tab, click Edit. 3. For Zone, choose, "Create New". Type the name for the new zone and click Continue. 4. Click Save & Close. You can now select the zone you just created for the BIG-IQ, the DCDs that are attached to it or any of the managed BIG-IP devices. 5. Now navigate back to System>>THIS DEVICE>> General Properties, and then click Edit. 6. Select the zone for this BIG-IQ, then click Update, then click Update again to confirm. 7. When the zone change completes, make sure to make no other changes to the BIG-IQ properties and click Cancel. The zone change is retained for the BIG-IQ. If you need to make additional changes to the properties, you can now do so without impacting the zone setting.

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