Bug ID 892609: GSLB/DNS objects that are part of an AS3 application are editable using the Configuration tab

Last Modified: Nov 22, 2021

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BIG-IQ Applications(all modules)

Opened: Mar 25, 2020
Severity: 5-Cosmetic


The Configuration>>DNS>>GSLB grids display objects that you can revise or delete. If these objects were created as part of AS3 application, you should not be able to edit or delete them using the object properties screens listed under Configuration>>DNS>>GSLB... but in some scenarios you can. This is not acceptable.


If you delete or modify a DNS->GSLB object that BIG-IQ uses in an AS3 application and then deploy those changes to the managed device, it will disable the application.


1. Create an AS3 declaration to deploy an AS3 GSLB application directly to a BIG-IP device (no BIG-IQ involved). 2. Discover and Import the BIG-IP device. 3. Note that the GSLB objects created by the AS3 declaration appear on the BIG-IQ's Configuration>>DNS>>GSLB grids. (You then decide that you want to manage the AS3 application on the BIG-IQ... but the app does not exist on the BIG-IQ yet.) 4. So you use Application>>APPLICATIONS>>Create to specify and deploy the AS3 GSLB Application. 5. Navigate to Configuration>>DNS>>GSLB, and then select one of the GSLB object types that are included in the AS3 application you just deployed. 6. Note that you can revise or delete these objects.


1. Navigate to Configuration>>DNS>>GSLB and then delete each GSLB object that is used by the AS3 application. 2. Do NOT deploy these changes to the managed device. 3. Rediscover and re-import the device. After step 3, BIG-IQ will display the GSLB objects in the application tab, but a banner displays on the properties screen: "This belongs to AS3 Application Service boston_dns and cannot be changed directly. A re-discover and re-import may be needed to sync this content with the deployed AS3 Application Service." You will not be able to delete or edit this object.... to revise any of the objects in the AS3 application. To make changes to the AS3 application, use the Application Dashboard instead.

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