Bug ID 903585: Error while importing BIG-IP containing monitors with unsupported characters (physical line breaks)

Last Modified: Nov 07, 2022

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BIG-IQ ADC(all modules)

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Opened: Apr 23, 2020
Severity: 3-Major


When importing BIG-IP devices with monitors that contain unsupported characters, BIG-IQ returns a message similar to the following: "HTTP monitor <monitor_name> send contains new line please represent new line as '\n' instead." The message also contains the property at fault (send, receive, etc.).


You cannot import the BIG-IP device.


This happens if a BIG-IP configuration includes an HTTP monitor with strings containing unsupported characters within the string values for 'send' or 'receive' properties. The unsupported character is termed a 'physical line break': a string split across multiple lines, possibly created by using the 'enter key'. For example, "line1 line2" A newline character '\n' is a supported character and is treated differently from the 'physical line break'. Note: -- The BIG-IP GUI no longer allow users to introduce such unsupported characters within monitors. -- This situation typically arises for BIG-IP configurations that have carried over monitors from older installations. -- This can also arise if you use TMSH/CLI to update monitors (TMSH/CLI continues to support such characters).


To work around this, update the monitor and re-import the BIG-IP device. 1. Logon to the BIG-IP system via the GUI. 2. Open the problematic monitor for edit. 3. Add '\n' characters in lieu of splitting text on multiple lines, for example: -- Before edit "line1 line2" -- After edit "line1\nline2" 4. Save the monitor. 5. Re-import the BIG-IP device on the BIG-IQ.

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