Bug ID 911629: Manual upload of LiveUpdate image file results in NULL response

Last Modified: Sep 13, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP ASM(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:,,

Fixed In:

Opened: May 25, 2020

Severity: 2-Critical


When uploading a LiveUpdate image file from the GUI, the upload fails. In /var/log/restjavad.0.log you see the following error: [SEVERE][768][25 May 2020 05:38:20 UTC][com.f5.rest.workers.liveupdate.LiveUpdateFileTransferWorker] null


LiveUpdate images fail to upload.


LiveUpdate images are uploaded manually.


1. Upload the file to LiveUpdate files directory '/var/lib/hsqldb/live-update/update-files' on the host. 2. Send a POST request with the filename for inserting the file to the LiveUpdate database: * url : https://<HOST>/mgmt/tm/live-update/<UPDATE-CONFIGURATION>/update-files * payload - json: { "filename": "<FILE_NAME>", "fileLocationReference": {"link": "<FILE_NAME>"}} 3. Get the file link reference: https://{{big_ip1}}/mgmt/tm/live-update/asm-attack-signatures/update-files?$filter=filename eq '<FILE_NAME>' 4. From the response copy the "selfLink" part : "selfLink": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/live-update/asm-attack-signatures/update-files/<UPDATE_FILE_ID>" 5. Create a POST request with the value above for creating a new installation record: * url : https://<HOST>/mgmt/tm/live-update/<UPDATE-CONFIGURATION>/installations * payload - json: { "updateFileReference": { "link": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/live-update/asm-attack-signatures/update-files/<UPDATE_FILE_ID>"} } 6. Now the file is available to install it from the GUI. 7. Another option is to install it via the PATCH request and the installation_id from the response received at step 5: * url: https://<HOST>/mgmt/tm/live-update/<UPDATE-CONFIGURATION>/installations/<INSTALLATION_ID> * payload: { "status" : "install" }

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