Bug ID 960117: DDoS Hybrid Defender RPM Installation Failure

Last Modified: Nov 14, 2022

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP DDHD, Install/Upgrade(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:
14.1.0,,,,,, 14.1.2,,,,,,,,, 15.1.0,,,,,

Fixed In:
15.1.1, 14.1.3

Opened: Oct 28, 2020

Severity: 1-Blocking

Related Article: K19465607


Attempting to install the built-in DDoS Hybrid Defender iApp or upgrade to a newer versions of DDoS Hybrid Defender fail with the following error: Package installation failed with error: Failed to load IApp artifacts from f5-ddos-hybrid-defender: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to post templates to block collection: 6375814, 6375816, 6375818, 6375820, 6375822, 6375824, 6375826, 6375828, 6375830, 6375832


DDoS Hybrid Defender specific iApps are not installed (if new install) or not upgraded (if previous version is present)


In the BIG-IP GUI, DDoS Hybrid Defender is automatically installed/upgraded when navigating to a DDoS Hybrid Defender page. Additionally, it can be upgraded to a newer version via the Systems->About -> Upgrade page. Both methods fail to update the DDoS Hybrid Defender iApp.


-- Download latest rpm file -- In “Advanced menu” go to -> iApps >> Application Services >> Applications LX -- Select all iApps with the prefix "purposebuilt_pbdos" -> “Undeplay” -- Select all iApps with the prefix "purposebuilt_pbdos" -> “Delete” -- In “Advanced menu” go to -> iApps >> Templates >> Templates LX -- Select all -> “Delete” -- In “Advanced menu” go to -> iApps >> Package Management LX -- Select existing RPM -> “Uninstall” -- Select “Import” button and upload latest RPM However this will delete all existing DDoS Hybrid Defender iApp configuration

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