Bug ID 969105: HA failover connections via the management address do not work on vCMP guests running on VIPRION

Last Modified: Jul 20, 2023

Affected Product(s):
BIG-IP TMOS(all modules)

Known Affected Versions:, 16.0.1,, 16.0.0,, 15.1.3,, 15.1.2,,,, 14.1.4,, 14.1.3,,,, 13.1.4,,

Fixed In:
16.1.0, 15.1.4,, 13.1.5

Opened: Dec 02, 2020

Severity: 3-Major


A high availability (HA) failover connection using the management IP addresses does not work on vCMP guests running on a VIPRION device. BIG-IP instances running directly on hardware, on Virtual Edition, and as vCMP guests running on an appliance are unaffected. HA failover connections using self IPs are unaffected.


Failover state determination over the management port is permanently down.


-- vCMP guest running on a VIPRION device -- high availability (HA) failover connection using the management IP addresses (unicast and/or multicast)


While self IP-based high availability (HA) failover connections are not affected by this issue, F5 recommends configuring failover connections over both management IPs and self IPs (as detailed in K37361453: Configuring network failover for redundant VIPRION systems :: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K37361453). To mitigate this issue, run the following command on each blade of every guest: touch /var/run/chmand.pid The workaround does not survive a reboot, so a more permanent workaround is to edit the file /config/startup and add a line to touch /var/run/chmand.pid. Add this line to the end of /config/startup: (sleep 120; touch /var/run/chmand.pid) & Note: The sleep time of 120 seconds should be tested as it depends on how quickly or slowly the Guest starts up, so the appropriate value for one system may differ from another system. Alternatively, You can use instructions in K11948: Configuring the BIG-IP system to run commands or scripts upon system startup :: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K11948 to issue commands at system startup after verification if mcpd is up and ready, e.g.: #!/bin/bash source /usr/lib/bigstart/bigip-ready-functions wait_bigip_ready # Customized startup command(s) can be added below this line. touch /var/run/chmand.pid # Customized startup command(s) should end above this line. You may also request an Engineering Hotfix from F5.

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