Bug ID 974085: A BIG-IP which was previously connected to BIG-IQ does not display some statistics in the BIG-IP UI.

Last Modified: May 04, 2021

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BIG-IQ AppIQ(all modules)

Opened: Dec 15, 2020
Severity: 4-Minor


BIG-IQ modifies the statistics collection configuration of BIG-IP when it is added and configured to report statistics to BIG-IQ. this is done by overriding the /etc/avr/tmstat_tables.xml file. When BIG-IP is removed from BIG-IQ, the statistics collection configuration is not restored to the state it was before it was added to BIG-IQ.


The following statistics will not be displayed in the BIG-IP UI: - ProcessCpuUtil - MemoryPerProcess - CpuPerVip - FwNatTransDest - FwNatTransSrc - FwNatLsnPool - FwNatLogging - FwNatPba - FwNatPcp - ServiceVipStat - ProfileAccessStat - AclStat - ProfilePppStat - ProfileRewriteStat - ProfileOauthStat - GlobalOauthStat


-- A BIG-IP which is managed by and reports statistics to BIG-IQ is removed from BIG-IQ. -- Statistics are viewed in the BIG-IP GUI


Before overriding the /etc/avr/tmstat_tables.xml file, BIG-IQ creates a backup copy of the original file under the same directory, named "org_tmstat_tables.xml". After removing BIG-IP from BIG-IQ, overriding the "tmstat_tables.xml" with the contents of "org_tmstat_tables.xml" will return the statistics collection configuration to the state it was before the BIG-IP was added to BIG-IQ, and will resolve the issue.

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