Bug ID 996601: Virtual, Pool, Member and Node status might not show properly for Big-IP versions 15.x or 16.x

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2021

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BIG-IQ AppIQ(all modules)

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Opened: Feb 23, 2021
Severity: 2-Critical


The statuses of Virtual Servers, Pools, Pools Members and Nodes at the BIG-IQ LTM configuration tables might not show properly if there is BIG-IP version 15.X or 16.X, with DNS configured, discovered to this BIG-IQ. There will be exception like this at the /var/log/appiq/agentmanager.log: WARN c.f.a.a.e.B.BigIPEventNormalizer [lightning-pipeline-8] Unexpected exception (events: [Message{, timestamp=1611671524000, sourceMessage=SourceMessage:{time=1611671524, host=eolbva-devsvc01.example.com, source=bigip.tmsh.wideip_status, sourcetype=f5:bigip:status:iapp:json, wideip_name=/dev_airwatch/airmobiledev.gslb.example.com, dscName=eolbva-devsvc-DSC, ssgName=, dnsSyncGroupName=dev_dns_sync, availability_state=available, enabled_state=enabled, status_reason=Available, dscClusterName=, dnsSyncGroup=}, aggregationInterval=0}]) java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1


The user will not see the correct statuses of the LTM objects in the BIG-IQ LTM configuration tables and wide-ip statuses at in application dashboards for DNS application services (see Applications > APPLICATIONS).


For the bug to reproduced there must be number of conditions: 1. BIG-IP v15.X or 16.x discovered on BIG-IQ. 2. Managed BIG-IP has one or more Wide-IP configured to the DNS(GTM) configuration. 3. The user has enabled the the LTM status updates via DCD: restcurl -X PUT /cm/adc-core/current-config/stats-refresh -d ' { "isMonitorRunning": true, "useAppIqDcd": true, "pollingIntervalSeconds": 300 }'


There are 2 options to fix the statuses in BIG-IQ: 1. Switch the LTM status collection via DCD to off. The status will be collected by BIG-IQ directly. Note: this option may increase the CPU, see article K91114310 at support.f5.com. 2.Replace the analytics iApp RPM to fixed iApp. Refer to the article about how to download a fixed RPM and install it on BIG-IQ.

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